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New Hospital in Queens. does zoloft have street value — The health depart- ment cheap zoloft no prescription has prepared plans for the building of a hospital for contagious diseases in the borough of Queens, on the old Vandeburg farm, of twenty- two and a half acres, located on the Flushing road, near the Jamaica town line. The buildings zoloft price comparison planned for the initiation of the work will cost about $75,000. The Buffalo Academy of Medicine held its regular meeting on the 15th instant. George E. I'ell read a paper on Lake and River Current Observations and Their zoloft 100 mg street value Value to the City, and -V. L. Benedict one on The Hamburg Filter Plant and Filtration of Water in Holland. Henry R. Hopkins, Walter D. Greene, and William G. Bis- sell took part in the discussion which followed. The Long Island State Hospital. — The patients oi" the Long Island State Hospital, at Kings Park. Long Island, celebrated the Annual Field Day on Wednesday, September 23d, with an excellent programme of sports, which was participated in by men and women patients and the employees and nurses. Music was furnished by the band of the institution under the leadershi]) of Joseph iieugnot, and the field officers included the hos- pital staff and several distinguished visitors. Wayne County Medical Association. — This organization is an otifshoot of the old Wayne generic zoloft sale County Medical Society, and bids fair to rival the parent body in numbers and influence. A session was held on the 2nd instant, at Clyde, N. Y., with the following programme: The Medical Treatment of Chronic Diarrha-a, by Allen A. Jones, of the University of Ihiffalo: zoloft street value Pelvic Ab- scesses, by F. A. Myers, of Sodus; Friedrich's Ataxia, by M. A. Brownell, of Newark ; Cerebral Thrombosis, by T. H. HaHett, of Clyde ; Some of the Difficulties of the New York Medical Asso- ciation During Its Earlier Career, by D. Colvin, of Clyde. The officers of the association are: President, J. W. zoloft 300 mg per day Putnam, of Lyons; vice-presi- dent, M. A. Brownell, zoloft 300 mg a day of Newark; treasurer, D. Colvin, of Clyde ; secretary, G. .S. Allen, of Clyde. The Death Rate in Brooklyn for the week end- ing September 19th — 14.20 — is the lowest in its history, either as city or borough. The State Commission in Lunacy has awarded the contracts for the construction of the new nurses' home at the Long Island State Hospital at King's Park, amounting altogether to over .$98,000. The building will have a rubble founda- tion. A Trachoma HospitaL — It is said that the board of health has secured a large frame house at One Hundred and Nineteenth .Street and Pleas- ant .Avenue for the purpose of establishing a hos- pital to be used solely for the treatment buy generic zoloft online no prescription of tra- choma. There are nearly 100,000 zoloft 300 mg daily cases of the disease in the city. Memorial to the Late Robert Newman. — At a special meeting of the Faculty of the New York School of Physical Therapeutics, held September 14, 1903, the following resolutions were adopted: " Whereas, Time in his unswerving course, has removed from our midst an associate, knowledge of whom engendered not only respect for his hon- esty of purpose and indomitable courage of con- viction, but personal aflfection because of the uni- form kindly courtesy of his deportment, there- fore be it " Resolved, That the sympathies and condol- ences of the members of the Faculty of the New Y'ork School of Physical Therapeutics, be, and zoloft online pharmacy no prescription hereby are, extended to the bereaved family of the late Dr. Robert Newman, i took 300 mg of zoloft and that, in token of the esteem in which they hold his memory, the secretary be instructed to forward a copy of this generic zoloft online pharmacy no prescription resolution to his family." Clarence Edward Skin- ner, AI. D., President of the Faculty; Hermann Grad, M. D., secretary of does zoloft come 150 mg tablets the Faculty. street value zoloft 100mg PHILADELPHIA AND PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia Health Report. — The Report on Contagious Diseases, compared 7vith that of the previous week, is as folluzi^s: Week CDd'g Sept. 12. Week end'g SepL. 111. DISEASES. C.^.SES. DE.KTHS. CASES. DEATHS. Smallpox 7 .'> 7 1 Diphtheria 40 62 9 Scarlet fever 68 zoloft online order 4 57 6 Typhoid fever 13o !l 82 10 Consumprion 48 . . 57 ("erebrospina! fever .. i This table shows a decrease of fort.vtwo in the total of cases of contagious diseases as compared with the preceding week. Vacation of Dr. Bums. — Dr. St ill well C. Burns, of buy zoloft online canada the Medico-Chirurgical College, has started with Mr. John R. Vaughan for a month's hunting trip in the Rangelcy Lakes region, Maine. International School of Hygiene. — This organ- ization has selected one man from each country in the world as a representative. Dr. J. K. Shell, of Philadelphia, has been invited to represent the United States at the ne.xt annual conference, which meets at Guttenburg, Germany, next fall. New Almshouse Site. — generic zoloft online A tour of inspection of the upper Delaware river front has been made buy generic zoloft online by the city authorities, with a view to obtain a desir- able location for the new almshouse, for which an appropriation of one and one-half million dollars lias been made.

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