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and idiotic. Like three year old child. Right craniectomy. Improvement. After two years grew much worse. Death 1893. (Preugrueber; Gac. hebdom de med. et de chir., 1892.) Cases Generic Tofranil Nos. 49-50. — A four year old girl. Micro- cephalic ; idiotic. Craniectomy both sides, A form. Improvement. No. 50. — An eleven and one-half year old boy ; microcephalic and idiotic. Left craniectomy. Improvement. (Chenieux; Ibid.) Case No. 51. — A three year old boy; microce- phalic. Slight improvement in seven months. (Largeau; Ibid, and Congres. frang de cJiirurg., 1892.) Case No. 52. — Eight months old: Tofranil Online microce- phalic ; craniectomy, * form. After operation, deterioration, then slight improvement. (Ger- suny ; Gac. hebdom de Tofranil Tablets med. et de chir., 1893.) Case No. 53. — Microcephalic and idiotic. Tem- porarv craniectomy. Improvement. (Jonnesco; Ibid., 1898.) Case No. 54. — Sixteen Buy Cheap Tofranil months old ; micro- cephalic and idiotic. Craniectomy both sides. Improvement, Purchase Tofranil Online but deaths after five days. (Grif- fiths; /tiW.) Case No. Purchase Tofranil 55. — Nineteen months old ; micro- cephalic and idiotic. Craniectomy. Result, o. (Boyd; Ibid.) Case No. 56. — Eight years old ; microcephalic ; epilepsy. Left craniectomy. Improvement. Tofranil Cost (Auger; Congrbs. franq de chirnrgie, 1891.) Cases Nos. 57-58. — Four years old ; microce- phalic and idiotic. Craniectomy. Result, o. Case No. 58. — A two year old boy ; micro- September 26, 1903. sr RATLING: BRAIN SURGERY IN EPILEPSY. S9f7 cephalic and idiotic; epilepsy. Craniectomy CJ form. Death twenty-one hours after operation. (Mannoury ; Ibid.) Case Tofranil Pm No. 59. — An eight months old girl. Micro- cephalic and idiotic. Craniectomy, □ form. Im- pro\ement at first. Five weeks after operation again the old condition. Death shortly after. (Hcurteaiix; Ibid.) Case No. 60. — A three and three-quarter year old girl. Microcephalic and idiotic. Cran- iectomy Buy Tofranil both sides. More intelligent expression. (MacClintock ; Central, f. Chir., 1892.) Case No. 61. — An eleven months old Cheap Tofranil boy. Microcephalic. Craniectomy, left. Improve- ment. Operation should be repeated. (E. Kurz; Ibid., 1893.) Case No. 62. — Microcephalic child. Craniec- tomy □ . No Tofranil Uses result reported. (Postempsky ; Ibid.) Cases Nos. 63-64. — A one and one-third year, microcephalic boy. Craniectomy both sides. No result after one year. No. 64. Tofranil Price — A two and one-half year old micro- cephalic girl. Craniectomy both sides. Death eight weeks and a half after operation, unim- proved. (Tillmanns ; Ibid., 1894.) Case No. 65. — A fourteen year Tofranil Mg old boy ; idiot. Right Order Tofranil Online craniectomy. Seven trephine buttons re- moved. Improvement. (A. Szpanbock ; Ibid., 1895-) Cases Nos. 66-67. — T- vvelve cases, microce- phalic and idiotic. Ages two years and a half to eight years and a half. Linear craniectomy. In 3, improvements ; in 5 results, o ; in i, ? ; 3 deaths. (C. L. Dana ; Ibid., 1897.) Case No. 78. — A Buy Tofranil Online three and one-half year old boy ; microcephalic and congenital occipital men- ingoceles. Idiocy. Craniectomy left Order Tofranil and right and extirpation of the meningoceles. Two years and a half after operation, physical and mental improvement. (Parona; Jahresbcricht f. chir., 1895, and Contribnto alia cltirur. cerebrale e spinale.) Cases Nos. 79-90. — Nine operated on cases The majority, craniectomies. Two improve- ments. (Oed & Cotterall ; Ibid.) Cases Nos. 91-92. — Two cases. One after a year, no improvement ; 2 died. (Isuardi ; Ibid.) Case No. 93. — A nine months child ; micro- cephalic and idiot. Craniectomy both sides. Re- sult, o. Death after two years. (Bourneville ; Lombard & Pillier, Ibid., 1896.) Case No. 94. — An eight year old girl. Idiot. Craniectomy. Improvement. (Recasens ; /fe/rf.) Case No. Buy Imipramine Online 95. — A five year idiot. Craniectomy. Result, ? (Lilanus; Ibid.) Tofranil 50 Mg Cases Nos. 96-102. — Seven cases of microce- plialus and idiocy. Craniectomy. In all seven cases, result o. (Blank ; Ibid., 1897.) Case No. 103. — A three and three-quarter year old boy. Microcephalus and idiocy. Buy Imipramine Craniec-

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