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tion and disinfection have not thus far shown themselves a success in combating consumption. THE RESULTS OF BRAIN SURGERY IN EPILEPSY AND CONGENITAL MENTAL DEFECT.* By WILLIAM P. SPRATLING, M. D., SONYEA, N. v., MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT OF THE CRAIG COLONY FOR EPI- LEPTICS ; MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN Thorazine 200 Mg MEDICO-PSYCHO- LOGICAL ASSOCIATION, NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE, BUFFALO ACADEMY OF MEDICINE, ROCHESTER PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY; SECRE- TARY OF THE NATIONAL Thorazine Chlorpromazine ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF EPILEPSY, ETC. (Concluded from page 552.) RESULTS OF KRAIN SUKGERY IN IDIOCY AND IM- BECILITY. The picture of success following brain surgery in epilepsy just presented was not bright. In idiocy and imbecilit}-, under the light of in- creasing time, its hue is more sombre still ; so dis- appointing is it in color, in fact, that we feel a strong inclination to turn from it, saying: " There is nothing in it that brings any gratification; we do not want it, nor are we disposed to help in its creation." Craniotomy, linear and a lambcaux, was intro- duced by Lannelonguc, who published 25 cases, ill 1S91, in which he claimed results, not only so far as recovery from the operation was concerned, but also as to mental improvement in a remark- ably short time, so striking and so novel that, to • Head before the Thorazine Online fifty-ninth auuuni meeting of the American MeOico Psjchologlcal Assoilatlon, heid In Washington, D. C, May 12, 13, 14 and 15, 1903. use Jacobi's words, " I'hysicians began to hope, surgeons to glory, and the idiotic children " — he significantly adds — " let us see." Nothing finer or more exhaustive on Generic Thorazine the sub- ject, from the standpoint of the incredulous, if not of the positive opponent, has appeared in medical literature to our knowledge Buy Thorazine Online since Jacobi's mas- terly address, Non nocere, delivered before the Eleventh International Medical Congress Thorazine Bipolar in Rome, in April, 1894. The essence of that address, .so true then, is none the less true now ; the pathology of mental deficiency has not changed, nor have we in all these years elevated the cause of craniotomy in the treatment of idiocy in any degree. The furor operandi, so generally acclaimed ten years ago, has largely passed away, but' it may return at any time, when the great principles that underly non nocere in this particular field of medi- cal work, will await a wide application. " What," asks Jacobi, " are the underlying con- ditions of idiocy?" In the main, as shown by the results of autopsies, they are as follows: "Chronic encephalitis, diffuse or circumscribed: diffuse (syphilitic) disease of the blood vessels ; arrest of vascular development in the cortex; inequality in the hemispheres ; inequality in the peripheral cortical layer on the two sides : defect of the third frontal convolution and the island of Reil ; meningoencephalitis, with thick- ening and adherence of the pia and brain, such as may occur after forceps or trauma ; cephal- hsematoma internum, spontaneous haemorrhages ; embolism from heart disease ; thrombosis from cholera infantum, followed by destruction of cere- bral cells and atrophy of the cortex." Starr found the latter condition in 21 cases out of 343. In the same cases, Chlorpromazine Thorazine in 32 instances, he also found maldevelopment Thorazine 10 Mg and apparent atrophic conditions Thorazine Iv of the brain structure of the hemi- spheres, chiefly cortical, the cells resembling those of a new Thorazine 25 Mg born child, but with no apparent gross defects in the brain ; atrophic and hypertrophic sclerosis, congenital or postnatal, in 97; atrophy by softening produced by embolism or throm- bosis, and limited to certain arterial districts, in 23 ; arrest of development, such as porencephaly, in 132; cysts which produced atrophy by pressure or were associated with the atrophy due to the original lesion, in 14; haemorrhages which were discernible by the remains of Buy Cheap Thorazine a clot, or b)' the blood staining of a cyst, of the pia, or of sclerotic tissue, in 18. In addition to all these causes of idiocy, there remain to be mentioned, hydrocephalus, micro- ccphalus, and premature ossification of the fon- lanelles and sutures. These, in the main, are the pathological con- ditions in the Order Thorazine brain that surgical intervention seeks to remove or modify for the relief of idiocy and Order Thorazine Online imbecility ; and while it would be of the great- est interest to look deeper into Purchase Thorazine Online the relative Purchase Thorazine fre- quency, degree, and kinds of the different causes and pathological states, we must, perforce, Thorazine 50 Mg for lack of time pass on to what surgery — never more brilliant or wondrous in the world's history than it is to-day — has been Thorazine 100 Mg able or unable to accom- plish in the way of relief. ^Vhile the Thorazine Uses literature is replete with histories 596 SPRATLING: Buy Thorazine BRAIN SURGERY IN EPILEPSY.

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