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ment of the wounds and advises prohibition of the sale of blank cartridges and cheap toy pistols. American Electro-Therapeutic Association. — The thirteenth annual con\ention will be held at the Hotel Windsor, Atlantic City, N. J., on doxycycline mg Sep- tember 22, 23, and 24, 1903. The following papers will be read : Electrotherapv as a Specialtv, by Alfred William Bayliss, of Buffalo, N. Y.;" Cur- rents of High Frequency, Apparatus, and Thera- peutic L^ses, by Francis Goodwin DuBose, of Selma, Ala. ; The Effects of the Secondary Static Currents in Removing Albumin and Casts from the Urine, by Boardman Reed, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Some Principles upon which is Based the Use of Electricity in Nervous Diseases, by Al- fonso David Rockwell, of New get doxycycline York, N. Y.; The Use of Electricity in the Treatment of Diseases of the Heart, by where can i get doxycycline Sigismund Cohn, of New York, N. Y. ; Electricity in the Treatment of Diseases of the Stomach, by Harvey Hamilton Roberts, of Lexington, Ky. ; A Plea for doxycycline purchase online Electro-Therapeutics Proper, by William James Herdman, of buy doxycycline Ann Ar- Ijor, Mich.; A Plea for an Accurate and Scientific Method of Rontgen Ray Treatment, doxycycline to buy by Mihran Krikor Kassabian, of Philadelphia, Penn. ; Exoph- thalmic Goitre and its Rational Treatment with exhibition of doxycycline cheap the Broom Electrode, by Francis Besant Bishop, of Washington, D. C. ; Some Therapeutic Indications for the Use of the Ra- diant Light Bath, by Thomas Davidson Crothers, where to get doxycycline of Hartford, Conn. : Some New Points doxycycline where to buy in the Treatment of Tuberculosis, by Wolff Freuden- thal, of New York, N. Y. how to buy doxycycline ; Electro-Therapeutic Gleanings, by Jefferson Demetrius Gibson, of Bir- luingham, Ala.; A Case of Asthma with Fibroids and Pelvic Adhesions, cured by Galvanism, by Charles Augustine Covell, of New York, N. Y. Clarence Edward doxycycline order Skinner. M. D., LL. D., Secre- tarv, New Haven, Conn. Septemljcr 12, 1903- PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 523 |1itb of (L* purchase doxycycline uncut ^'itcraturc. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. August 23, 11)0$. (Seventy-first .Uiniial Meeting of the British Medical Association. Section of Naz'y, Army, and Ambulance). 1. The Water Supply for Landing Parties and Naval Brigades, By J. F. Hall. 2. A Surgeon's Notes with the Naval Brigade, China, By L. Thomas. 3. doxycycline 100mg Some Notes on a Mounted Bearer Company, By H. Hathaway. 4. Poverty of .Attraction for Men to Become Stretcher Bearers and the Consequent Inefificiency of that Sec- tion, By G. A. Stephens. 5. Training of Volunteer Bearers and the Position of Regi- mental Aledical Officers, By P. B. Giles. 6. Suggestions Regarding the Personnel, Equipment, and Training of Medical Units Attached to Volunteer Infantry Brigades, By W. Sheen. 7. Remarks on the Military Medical Services. I. Water Supply. — Hall concludes that under active militar_\- service conditions boiling the water used for drinking purposes is the best doxycycline 100 meth- od to get it pure and free from typhoid and cholera germs. If this cannot be done, the Berkefeld fil- ter should be used ; but its candle must be ster- ilized once a day. The chemical methods are practically useless, as for the most part they can- not destroy active bacilli, and are too complicated for the men to understand and carry out thor- oughly. LANCET, .■lugiist 23, igos. 1. Sciatica: An Inquiry Into Its Real Nature and Rational Treatment Founded on the Observation of Upwards of 400 Cases, By W. Bruce. 2. The Significance of Pain and Tenderness in doxycycline online Cases of Inflammation of the Appendi.\, By C. W. M. MouLLiN. 3. The 100 mg doxycycline So-called Stokes- Adams Disease (Slow Pulse with Syncopal where can i buy doxycycline .'Attacks, etc.). By W. Osler. 4. Intestinal Anastomosis for Prolapsed how to get doxycycline Small Intestine. By R. W. ]MuRRAV. 5. .\ Case of Supr.-emia Due to Pyorrhoea how can i get doxycycline Alveolaris, Simu- lating Typhoid Fever, By J. W. Carr, and E. W. Roughton.

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