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Hexed, dangling, useless limbs in patients who are now hobbling about with the aid of crutches. In closing, let me quote from an address by Lange : "I have not chosen this subject without a purpose ; it is to show what modern orthopaedic sur- gery can accomplish. Orthopaedics must be taken out of the hands of brace makers, schools of physi- cal science, masseurs, and cleocin oral other quacks (osteo- paths). In this struggle the many absolutely suc- cessful results of tendon transplantation take the place cleocin antibiotic of heavy braces, bandages, crutches, and hy- dropathic institutions. Orthopaedic surgery is no longer a trade but a science; a science which de- mands the same thorough preparation and complete medical education, and gives the same chance for accurate observation and results, as any other branch of our medical cleocin topical solution profession." References. 1. .\uboin. Zcitschrift f. ortlwpddischc Chinir- gie, Vol. ix. No. 3. 2. Ballance and cleocin tablets Stewart. The Healing of Nerves. London, 1900. 3. Birch-Hirschfield. Specielle Pathologic. 4. Birdsal. Journal of Nervous cleocin suspension and Mental Dis- eases, Vol. iii, page 261, 1876. 5. Bradford. Annals of Surgery, August, 1897. Bradford. Pccdiatrics, November i. 1901. Bradford. Medical Ne^vs, November 16. cleocin t pads 1902. 7- 8. cleocin iv 9- 10. II. 12. 13- 14. cleocin suppositories 15- 16. 17- 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 cleocin cream acne Bradford and Lovett. Te.vtbook. of Orthopce- dic Surgery. cleocin 600 mg Bruns. Miinchener medicinische cleocin topical gel IVochen- schrift, January 7, 1902. Biilow-Hansen. Miinchener medicinische cleocin phosphate IVo- chenschrift, October 10-17, '899. Biilow-Hansen. Journal of the American Medical Association, cleocin cost page 1049, April 19, 1902. Caverly. Medical Record, December i, 1894. Chapin. cleocin 2 Medical Record, January 15, 1887. Chapin. Transactions of the American Pcedi- atric Society, igcx). Church and Peterson. Te.vtbook of Nervous Diseases. Collins. buy cleocin t New York Medical Journal, January 13. 1894- Cone. Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, Au- gust, 1 90 1. Coolidge. Annals of Surgery, May, 1901. cleocin 900 mg Drobnick. Deutsche Zeitschrift cleocin t acne f. Chirurgie, Bd. 43, p. 473. Drobnick, Neiirologisches Centralbldtt, 1895, page 94. Eichhorst. Textbook of Nervous Diseases. Eisenlohr. Zeitschrift f. klinische Mcdicin, Vol. order cleocin online ci. Eulenberg. Deutsche medicinische Wochen- schrift, April 7, 1898. Frey. Berliner klinische IVochenschrift, cleocin 100 mg No. 1-3, 1874. Friedlander. Virchow's Archives, Vol.

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