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Central Maine General Hospital. With 90 Il- lustrations. Philadelphia : F. A. Davis Com- pany, 1903. aldactone 25 mg Pp. iii-231. (Price, $1.25.) This little handbook contains nothing new, and to trained surgeons it will order aldactone online be of little interest. For those not practised aldactone price in the fundamental meth- ods of the art, however, it will be found of much practical help in connection with the preparations for buy cheap aldactone surgical and obstetrical operations and with the after-care of patients. September 5, 1903.] BOOK NOTICES. 489 The Mycology of the Month. A Textbook of Oral Bacteria. By KENNE'fii buy cheap spironolactone Weldox Goadby, D. P. H, Camb., L. R. C. P., M. R. C. S., L. generic aldactone D. S., Eng. Bacteriologist and Lecturer on Bacter- iology, National Dental Hospital, buy spironolactone online Sen. cheap aldactone Dental Surgeon, Seamen's Hospitals ; Hon. Lecturer on Hygiene of the North London School of Tropical Medicine ; Late Demonstrator of Prac- tical Dentistry, Guy's Hospital Dental School. London, New York, purchase aldactone and Bombay: Longmans, Green, & Co., 1903. This book is intended primarily for the use of dental students. Consequently the first eighty pages are devoted to the general principles of bac- teriology, including classification, biology, meth- ods of cultivation, etc. The remainder of the volume is devoted to a full description of the bac- teria and organisms belonging to higher groups which occur in the oral cavity. The most interesting chapter is that on dental caries. The author considers it a phenomenon closely allied to putrefaction. The significance of certain food-stuffs as purchase aldactone online an ^etiological factor is well brought out. The bacteria which play a role in the disintegration of enamel, dentin, and cement are divided into two groups, according to their functions, the first producing acids aldactone online and the second liquefying. The former attack the cal- cium salts of the teeth, and the second dissolve the decalcified buy aldactone online matrix. The superficial layers con- tain a preponderance of the liquefying species, while the acid-forming bacteria are mainly found deeper. Other subjects treated of in detail are the bac- teria in tooth pulps, the bacteria in dentoalveolar abscesses, and pyorrhoea alveolaris. Under the heading of Ulcerative Stomatitis we miss a de- scription of the bacillus of Vincent. The author, however, confirms Bernheim's work in finding the spirilla constantly present. The chief value aldactone order of the book to the practical dentist will be in the attention called to the urgent need for asepsis. The author emphasizes the fact that pathogenic organisms, such as the tubercle bacillus, the diphtheria bacillus, and the pneumo- coccus, may exist in the mouths of people mani- festing no symptoms of disease. ical properties of the vomitus as the amount, the consistence, the color, and the significance of the presence of blood or mucus, ending with two very satisfactory chapters on the chemical and micro- scopical examination of the stomach contents. The book is aldactone tablets to be commended for its complete- ness and excellence. Allgemcme Semiotik des Erbrechcns. Von Dr. med. W. J.'iNOWSKi. Primararzt am Kindlein Jesu- Hospital zu Warschau, etc. Jena: aldactone buy Gustav Fischer, 1903. Pp. 108. In this pamphlet the author gives a most ex- haustive summary of the subject of vomiting, ]iointing out its importance as a symptom of va- rioti? diseases. The book is divided into two jiarts. the first, which is very short, aldactone cost dealing with the importance of careful examination, especially the taking of a complete history, and including a superficial examination of the vomitus. The second part deals in a comprehensive manner with the diagnostic and prognostic significance of the act of vomiting, and also treats most fully of the facts to be learned from the vomitus itself. Individual chapters are devoted to such subjects as single and repeated acts of vomiting, vomiting with or without difficulty, etc. : also to such phys- Transactions of the aldactone 50 mg American R'dntgen Ray Society. Third Annual Meeting. Chicago, 111. This volume contains fourteen papers read at the third annual meeting of the aldactone mg society, at Chi- buy spironolactone cago, in December, 1902. The papers are short and of a practical nature, dealing for the most part with methods and technics. llie Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports. Volume X. Nos. 6, 7, 8, and 9. In these numbers there is an interesting article by \V. G. Mac Galium on Regenerative Changes in the Liver After Acute Yellow Atrophy. It is a critical study of the regenerative changes that occur during or after those infectious processes accompanied by great destruction of liver sub- stance. Marchand's views are still further con- firmed in this article, and the author describes a case in which such changes occurred. McCrae

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